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Select articles from Invest Belize magazine

In 2013, BELTRAIDE (Belize Trade & Investment Development Service) launched its new magazine, “Invest Belize.” Its three issues since then have been jam-packed with compelling reasons why investing in Belize – particularly in its burgeoning tourism market – is a strategic choice.

Below are a few of the highlights. (Read the full magazine here.)

A Guide On Belize’s Investment Incentives

A guide on Belize’s investment incentives

Leija Melanie Gideon, deputy executive director of BELTRAIDE, explores five programs designed to facilitate investment and wealth preservation in Belize. Why we think you should…

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Belize, Central America Rediscovered

Belize, Central America rediscovered

Longtime investment consultant Glen Wilson describes his own experience discovering Belize as a strategic and beneficial offshore tax haven. Why we think you should read…

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Belize’s Financial Services Industry

Belize’s financial services industry

A rundown of Belizean legislation designed to facilitate foreign offshore investment. Prepared by Belize Bank International. Why we think you should read this: You’ve likely…

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“Super” Bond Explained

“Super” bond explained

Mark Espat, head of Belize’s debt restructuring team, discusses why foreign investors shouldn’t necessarily fear the super bond. Why we think you should read this:…

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Belize’s Tourism Investment

Belize’s tourism investment

Belize – on the road to planned development and new tourism investment opportunities Tracy Panton, CEO of Belize’s Ministry of Tourism, Civil Aviation & Culture,…

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Overview Of Belize Business Climate And Infrastructure

Overview of Belize business climate and infrastructure

The Belize Chamber of Commerce & Industry lays out some of the characteristics that make Belize such a strategic investment destination. Why we think you…

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BELIZE: The Natural Niche For Investment

BELIZE: The natural niche for investment

Michael Singh, CEO (Belize Ministry of Trade, Investment Promotion, Private Sector Development and Consumer Protection) makes a compelling argument for why now is a great…

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A Message From The Hon. Erwin R. Contreras

A Message from the Hon. Erwin R. Contreras

Mr. Contreras, Belize’s Minister of Trade, Investment Promotion, Private Sector Development and Consumer Protection, reports that the future is bright for investment in Belize –…

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Why Belize? Why Tourism? Why Now?

Why Belize? Why Tourism? Why Now?

Christy Mastry, project director of the Sustainable Tourism Program, makes a compelling case for why now is a great time to invest in Belize’s tourism…

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The Lodge At Chaa Creek: A Different Investment Mix Resulted In A Unique Success Story

The Lodge at Chaa Creek: A different investment mix resulted in a unique success story

Lucy Fleming, owner of the Lodge at Chaa Creek in Belize’s Cayo District, tells the inspiring story of how she and her husband turned little…

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Overview Of Belize’s Currency Regime

Overview of Belize’s Currency Regime

Azucena Novelo, director of research for the Central Bank of Belize, shows some of the reasons behind Belize’s stable currency and steady growth. Why we…

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Your Guide To Doing Business In Belize

Your Guide to Doing Business in Belize

Brian Lin, senior business and investment facilitation officer for BELTRAIDE, outlines some of the benefits of investing in business development in Belize and lists the…

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